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The general objective of the project is to increase motivation and participation of students through game-based, effective and quality digital teaching courses. The project target group is made up of second and third year teachers of upper secondary schools.

The main beneficiaries are students.

The specific objectives are


Improved effectiveness in designing learning paths based on game-based pedagogy.


Raised the quality ot learning paths for an integrated digital teaching, where three intervening components effectively interact: (A) game-based pedagogy, game-based learning (8) digital (online synchronous / asynchronous) and (C) integrated (online and in person).

Game-based pedagogy, game-based learning.

Digital (online synchronous / asynchronous).

Integrated (online and in person).


Maximize the potential ot integrated game-based digital learning in European schools. Schools that are called to effectively answer both to new learning styles ot generation Z. (dynamics and processes ot the game and the digital environment) and to a progressive and massive integration ot digital and tace to tace teaching.

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